13 May 2009

Mayel and Jojo's Wedding.

It was a lovely wedding. Everything was tastefully done and the couple was surrounded by people who love them.

I had a great time snapping pictures. I was assisted by my sister D, who took amazing shots of the wedding.

Covering weddings like this assures me that I'm on the right path.

Just a few photos of that day.

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photosandmemos May 15, 2009 at 7:18 AM  

i love your photography style=)

you definitely capture weddings from a female perspective...you look at intricate details (that only OC women want to see), capture moments--when nobody thought was looking,and photos that tell a story of not only love,but also of heartaches in between to get to that love.

your photos of my brother's wedding documented the event, as to how it did unfold, and photos came out that told stories between the lines. the emotions that came and went from the start to finish of the event, as well as the moments that people keep wondering were staged or not, due to the beauty of how it unfold (the reception photos esp).

most of all, you made the bride's glowing beauty become evident on the photos. you showed everyone at their best and beautiful at that event ( which after all, the very reason why wanted to be plastered for posterity's sake). faces and expressions are clear and very substantial in your compositions, which just gives an overall beautiful end result...

i cant wait for the album...

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