11 December 2009

Old and loved.

Joy's birthday gift to me. One of her cameras, a vintage Ricoh. Thanks, Joy!

There is something utterly meaningful and magical about receiving or giving something you've used and treasured for a long time to people you love.

I like receiving and giving such kind of gifts. An old watch, for example, the one we wear every single day. Or a favorite book, never mind if the pages are falling apart. Or a favorite bag, aged and scratched that accompanied us in all our travels. Things that have witnessed a person's life and have wonderful stories behind them.

It's never easy to give up something we treasure, especially if that's the only one we have.

Ah yes, I love receiving and giving used, well-loved things. Of course, that's just me. I know a lot of people prefer new stuff freshly picked from the mall. But I love things old, used, meaningful, handmade.

It goes without saying that I love Joy's gift to me because she and I share the same love for film photography. And I adore that big Emily The Strange bag with ballpen marks on it Edeena once owned, and now it's mine (thanks Edeena!) because she thinks I'm as strange as Emily. LOL. And I'm happy that Baden considers the Lacoste watch I gave her many years ago (it was the only watch I had and wore it everyday, and the most expensive thing I owned then) her most treasured possession. And now, I'm using a cheap Casio watch. LOL

Dear Santa, this blog entry is not for you. :P

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