06 March 2010

Grateful For...

... the awesome company I had during the trip to Jakarta and Bali.

... old friends who know me like they know the back of their hands. Old friends who have been there since I was still sip-onon, angsty, and insecure. Old friends who recently comforted me with their words: "We know you don't think or talk ill about your friends. In fact, for you, they could never do anything wrong..." Thank you JA, FF, JN, JJ, GL, and MP. Grateful for the 23 years of friendship.

... new beginnings, fresh starts, and second chances.

... people who believe in my brand of photography.

... friends who understand and just GET you, and need no explanation. They are very rare. So I'm grateful.

... text messages sent my way when the tsunami alerts were up.

... new friendships and beautiful conversations.

... crepes, ice cream, pecanbon, coffee, Enchante, and a Lloyd-Bea movie (LOL). Thanks CT and ERP! :)

... leather-bound journals.

... surprise emails from highschool friends from DB - JA and CA.

... dreams, and more dreams coming true.

... future trips and business plans - I have something to look forward to and work hard for.

. . . . .

Photo: Taken at Enchante today (Oakwood Premier) and totally regretting not bringing my DSLR.
The place was beautiful and the food, exquisite.
Polaroid 637. Pola sheets from Chelo - thank you.

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JJ March 8, 2010 at 1:46 AM  

Thank you, too, Ai. I can't imagine not having you for a friend.

We are all waiting for you. Pizza na pud and loooong conversations. ^_^

23 years... "A lifetime is not too long to live as friends..." To the next 23 years!

See you soon, Ai!

P.S. Ni-comment na gyud ko! Hi daw from GL and FF. They're here, debating again.

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