29 April 2010

Drawing Lines.

My friend Cesar posted this on his FB wall: "The election in (city where he comes from) and the Philippines has resulted in new friends based on one's conviction about the leaders to be elected. It also drew the lines among friends."

How true these words are when, in recent days, I've discovered people/friends who actually --
1) give you the cold shoulder just because you've chosen a different color;
2) get overly sensitive during debates;
3) make pamuyboy/manumbat about the things they've done for you just because you do not agree with them (I find these people arrogant because it's almost as if they NEVER needed anything from anyone. But this is a different blog entirely);
4) resort to pakipag-plastikan.

For me, it takes a lot of maturity to get into political debates (or blogging, for that matter). It's important to know how to separate issues from people.

I have friends whose political beliefs are different from mine, but we are still friends. We discuss issues, even argue sometimes. And the beauty of it all is that, we can be direct with each other. Walang personalan.

And how is it that some people think: "I'm hurt with what she said" or "She's so disrespectful" and never think that they've hurt or disrespected you, too? "You must do what you expect people do unto you," to quote that little girl in the elevator.

And just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't mean a person is being disrespectful. Then again, I also understand that when people are being emotional about something, they'd think others are being disrespectful, no matter how sentences are constructed or said. Sometimes, emotions cloud our judgments and impair us from understanding what people mean about the things they said.

. . . . .

And sadly, there are people who are so difficult to be friends with.
And there are people who deliberately hit you where it hurts.

. . . . .

Edit: Mom read this entry and texted that she wants a Noynoy cup, too.
She's funny. These are disposable cups. :D She's such a big fan of Noy.

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mai April 30, 2010 at 10:13 PM  

In my blog I made yawyaw.. hehe. your's is about politics and friends, mine is about ex's and change.. life oooh life.

I am not as passionate about politics as you are, but when my friends tell me they like a certain candidate I like that they like someone.. kaysa they won't care at all. boycot.

Dee May 1, 2010 at 1:04 AM  

wlang personalan. sheesh.

whatever happened to freedom of choice and respect? if we can't agree on a certain issue, at least we can agree to disagree.

People should NEVER FORGET that we picked the people we chose because of one important thing: that we all long and hope for a better tomorrow. Alienating and pushing away friends just because you don't see everything eye to eye is just too shallow and immature.

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