06 May 2010

Beautiful and Brilliant.

Was supposed to post their photos before I left for Iloilo but got so busy.
D and A asked me to photograph them one afternoon at the train station.

. . . . .

This entry has nothing to do with the picture. Although yes, D is beauty and brains. She has always been an honor student and since she is my sister, she should be beautiful, no? LOL.

I am always fascinated by people who are both beautiful and brilliant. I get awed by their beauty and more awed by what is beneath those well-ironed hair. They look smart and fabulous. For many years, it puzzled me that some people took pride that they look like nerds (unless it is their fashion statement).

The opposite would be people who are just beautiful and pretend they are smart. And no matter how highfaluting the words they usually use, you just know that it's all air. No real substance there. But this entry is not about them. This is about beautiful people with equally beautiful minds. Inspiring ones, too.

Lila Shahani. Impressive resume. She's an editor at the UN and is a doctoral candidate at Oxford. She writes absolutely well. She has both substance and form. And I admire how diplomatic she is in her writings and responses. I highly respect people like that.

Georgina Wilson. I bumped into her in Rockwell one time and she looked stunning without trying. She finished her Finance degree at the University of Sydney and she used to be a member of the Ateneo Honors Society. I read somewhere that she has a job waiting for her at a global accounting firm in London. I'm impressed because my brain is not wired for Math.

Ana Escalante. She will always make it to my list. She was not only beautiful and brilliant, she was kind, too. And certainly one of my favorite writers in the whole wide world. Gone, gone too soon.

Natalie Portman. She speaks five languages, got a psychology degree at Harvard and is pursuing her Master's. And she seems to be very grounded. Good, good actress, too.

Janet Hseih. I shared her link once before and I want to share it again. She's beautiful, talented, and smart. My golly, she speaks English, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Spanish and French. And she's also a mean violin player. She finished her degree in Humanities and Biology at MIT.

. . . . .

This list is inspired, I guess, by one of our conversations with Chin about beauty, brains, and our mothers.

. . . . .

Next update: Guimaras and the crazy fire dance. :)

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julai May 8, 2010 at 5:04 AM  

Hi Ate Ai,

I'm finally leaving a comment here after giving me the permission.heheheh.

Just like you ate, I'm also fascinated by people who are both beauty and brains. Dapat pinakauna ang imong name sa list coz even if I haven't seen you in person yet, but it's so obvious that you're beauty and brains.

Keep up the good work Ate Ai and keep inspiring others.:) God bless.

Aileen Siroy May 8, 2010 at 10:19 PM  

Hi Julai!

You are very sweet. Thank you for considering me part of this list, but I'm not sure if I'm worthy. Still, thank you. :)

God bless you, too! :)

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