06 July 2010

Colors and Tones.

Original Photo. Washed. Retro. Vintaged.

But if you ask me, I prefer photos in their real colors. I'm the kind who wants to stay faithful to the captured moment, especially during events. I postprocess my photos (colors, most especially) to look how my eyes remembered them as I was shooting.

Someone once asked me how my skin tones look real. She said, it isn't pinkish, as most photos would come out straight from the camera. I told her that photography is understanding not just light, but colors, too. As art, though, every aspect of photography is very subjective, colors included.

I do my skin tones depending on who I am photographing. For example, we Asians have yellow skin tones. I try to remember that and correct colors that way.

And then there's also artistic expression where we process photographs to look vintage, retro, monochromatic, etc. That's alright, too. At the end of the day, it is about what you want to achieve, what makes you happy, what you think is beautiful to you.

. . . . .

A quick shoot with Mimi and Minoy last Sunday.

More photos soon.

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