26 July 2010

Just a thought.

"Ang wangwang ay nagpapakita ng hindi pagkakapantay-pantay ng tao sa lipunan.
Simbolo ito ng kapangyarihan na wala sa lugar.
Sagisag ito ng prebelihiyo na walang karapatan.

Parang sinasabi nito na:
'Ako importante, ikaw hindi, kaya tumabi ka dyan.'"

. . . . .

I was watching President Noy's convoy to the Batasan on TV. And it's true, he doesn't use the wangwang. While I think that he should for his own security (after all, he is the President), it is quite refreshing to see that he is leading by example. The President stops at red lights and does not counterflow.

It must be nightmare for the PSG. Everytime the convoy stops, they would open their car doors so they could act quickly if something happens.

He once was ambushed that got him wounded and two of his security killed. The bullet is still embedded in his neck.

I hope that PNoy could survive six years doing this and setting good examples. And that he could finish his term fulfilling his promises, at least most of it. We know in reality that the problems of this country cannot be solved by one man (no matter how good he is) in just six years.

And I hope he remains like this -- real and grounded.

PNoy's first SONA is on right now. And I think this is the REAL State of the Nation.

Edit: The SONA was short as promised. Some people criticized that PNoy got bulol many times and that he didn't get a lot of applause. For me, that didn't matter. The message was what mattered. GMA was more bulol (not to mention, her voice was very irritating).

Blithe from Twitter said it better: "The bulols are forgiveable. PNoy's choice of Filipino in his speech quite makes a statement in itself. It may be the least applauded SONA because PNoy did not have the scripted pauses that the last president normally made after making a point to await for an applause."

Here's full text of PNoy's first SONA.

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Mommy Blogs July 26, 2010 at 6:16 PM  

i was waiting for the live streaming. then i got caught up doing the dishes and laundry, and then a reality tv show! how pathetic of me.

thanks for sharing the link ai!

Chelo July 26, 2010 at 6:52 PM  

makasapot bitaw gyud nang "above the law" ilang pagtan aw sa ilang sleves tungod kay officials sila. wangwang diay tawag anang mga sirens..

..ive read the SONA, wow! he is a straight-to-the-point type of president ha. he sure will get more enemies from old trapos..but he doesnt care.=) i bet nag binignit to's mama nag tan aw sa SONA..haha

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