07 August 2010

Just Grateful.

I have been staring at my monitor for 20 minutes now, not knowing exactly how to express my thoughts at this very moment. And then I remember reading something from one of my inspirations online. Let me quote her because this expresses exactly what I want to say. These days, I've been with good friends on the phone, online, and in real life spending time in conversation.

There’s a certain way that good friends can function as mirrors when you feel a little muddled. They reflect back your truth–the ways you are weak, strong, stubborn or kind–so you can settle into your skin and be more true to the ones you love and yourself. I am deeply grateful for this circle these days especially and for the promise that our tribe is just at the beginning of a long history together. {J. Lemen}

. . . . .

Today, I met up with Jane for a quick shoot. I must admit, I wasn't very creative today because I've colds and a little fever. But Jane always makes our time together fun. I hope to do this again with her when I'm not sick.

Jane and I have been friends since college. And I still get fascinated by her. She's beautiful and funny and brilliant and kind. She is very spirited, too. I am grateful -- for this friendship, for this lovely soul, for the time we get to spend whenever I'm in Cebu. :)

. . . . .

More photos of Jane soon.

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jane August 8, 2010 at 8:49 PM  

the good you see in me is just a reflection of the goodness of your heart... you will always be my idol- your strength, beauty, intellect and talents, your passion for life- they inspire me. know that you have made a difference... in the life of this lost soul- sister of yours and in the world at large. i love you ate aileen. now and always...

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