14 January 2011

Young and Beautiful.

I am always fascinated by the enthusiasm of the young. That is why I love working with them. Their energy is quite contagious. They are so fun to work with and talk to. They're very creative, too, and not afraid to try new things.

This shoot with Kirah was such an enjoyable one. I was pretty amazed at the ease of her movements and poses. She looked very confident and graceful, unfazed by all the bugs and cow dung. I wondered if I was that self-assured when I was her age.

I can't really remember now. All I know is that I survived many difficult experiences even when I felt quite unsure then about a lot of things. Looking back, I think I was a very brave little girl.

And I believe that we do not really change much. I like how Tin puts it --

i’ve always believed that people do not change in-depth. the very core remains while the surface metamorphose. at one point, a person may experience a life-changing experience, that’s great… but so far, i have this observation (and i can be wrong), that each person has steadfast roots, innate elements — which can never be touched by time, space and make-overs.

Many psychologists even believe that our character is already formed when we turn five years old. And even as we grow older in age, the essence of who we are do not change, we just become more of who we are or we just become more mature in our ways. That is, if we learn our life-lessons at all. The growing up process is both fascinating and beautiful; but it's a never-ending process, too.

I know I've grown up. But I still have more growing up to do. There are still so many lessons to learn. I only hope I will never lose whatever youthful enthusiasm left in this creaky old body of mine.

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More photos of Kirah at the Dreamchasers' blog.

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Chelo January 14, 2011 at 11:16 PM  

She is a beautiful girl, Kirah..and such 'wise' eyes..she looks as if she has lived a full life at a young age..

ahhh..the nature vs, nurture debate, about how we change, develop, and mature is still a psychological discussion..i would love to think that as our body/physiological state matures, our ways in the world change too..our brains do control our egos and personality, but then, there is that aspect called the 'soul'..is our make-up as a person, comprise that too,of a soul? i believe so. but then again, im no scientist/psychologist/psychiatry expert.

change is inevitable..some for the good, sadly some for the bad..some involuntary, some conditional, and most often than not, reactive.

love the photos:-)

soul deelight January 15, 2011 at 12:08 AM  

**love*** especially the last photo...

i believe dreaming keep the soul young.. eternally young... so when i feel sluggish and old, and "too grown-up"... i go back to dreaming. And i'll dream until i can dream no more.

I believe we never stop growing-up, i think life will always lead us to circumstances where we'll realize we still have a lot of growing-up to do. Then we learn, and re-learn, and change, and grow.

ruby michell January 17, 2011 at 12:46 AM  

i will be forever grateful and humbled by the artistic encounter we had with you and dionne. It turned out to be bonding experience that could cement our friendship forever.

i believe that one will leave a lasting impact on kirah, too. you guys have awaken in her a different way of viewing herself, a longing for things i am afraid she is up to pursuing, given the right opportunities and time. i say i am afraid because i know the spirit she is born with and i know she is the one who doesn't easily get broken. i am just afraid she'd meet frustrations there...

you very well know just how i love this little girl, and how proud i am of each of the little things she accomplishes along her own journey in this life...but i can't be there to shape her future for her...her destiny is hers for the taking, by her own making. only that I hope she'd never let go of her faith and devotion to God, and not get waylaid along the way. we know the world is harsh, and none of us belong here.

i share in your views about growing...it's an endless process, with each phase unfolding, we are can't help but just get utterly amazed...

now, you got me writing yet again.

i guess, the most important thing i have learned about growing is that...you just don't cease doing so. and when many of the passions you left along the way knock by your door at any given day to say they're still there and never really left you, you have the choice to pick them up and pursue them again with relentless passion you've had from the start. that realization makes me dreaming again now.

and only with the passion for growing to be a better person as i face my thirty eighth year, with borrowed inspiration and enthusiasm from my daughter and friend, who at sixteen, reminds me so much of who I was and the dreams that i had when I was her age.

cheers to Kirah, to your art and other passions and to us all...we love you lots, you and dionne and will always be proud that you guys are now a part of our lives.

Liza January 18, 2011 at 3:55 PM  

This girl has a lot of potential and a bright future ahead of her! I can already see it. :-) Great job on the photos!

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