17 November 2011

If I could have one...

The Dainty Mom tagged me and because I love her, I'm doing this. :)

If I could have one city/place to live in, it would be here.

Cotswald, England where they shot Stardust. Photo by ArwensGrace.

I would love to live here, in one of the cottages in Arlington Row. How charming would that be?
It's my dream to live in charming neighborhoods. This would be a perfect place to write.
Or photograph. Or daydream. And oh, of course, there's also New York.

If I could have one place to vacation at, it would be Europe.

Anagni Italy. Photo by my Flickr-friend, Giuseppe.

There's truly so much to see in Europe. I want to go back to France and Switzerland.
I want to explore more cities both in Eastern and Western Europe. And then there's Italy.
It would be wonderful to live there for a year or two and just explore the entire country. *dreaming*

If I could have one color to wear, it would be black.

Carolina Herrera. Apologies, can't remember where I grabbed this. :)

Black, white, gray. I could live with these colors and then pop them with red or something bright.
Can't go wrong with these colors. Can't go wrong with black. For me, black is the new pink. :D
And I love Carolina Herrera. Her designs are always elegant, just like the woman herself.

If I could have one celebrity crush, it would be Hugh Jackman.

At the Oscar's. Photo by criticschoice.com.

I'm not one to crush on celebrities (or people in general). In fact, I only have one celebrity crush ever --
Sean Connery. And Hugh reminds me of Sean. They're both handsome with sexy accent! Yum. Haha.

If I could have one dessert to eat, it would be popcorn.

Chicago Mix Popcorn. Love this. Although generally, I prefer the simple salted one.

And you thought I was going to say chocolate or ice cream or creme brulee, right? *grin*
Popcorn may not be in the dessert category to some people, but it is in mine.
And popcorn is my idea of putting fiber in my diet. :D

If I could have one book to read, it would be... wait, can I have two?

The Greatest Salesman by Og Mandino and When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold Kushner.

While I read books the entire year, I go back to these two books for inspiration.
I was 12 years old when I first read The Greatest Salesman and have shared it to many people since.
Kushner's When Bad Things I read some years back. I like his pragmatic views on life and God.

If I could have one movie to watch, it would be Ever After.

I want a gown and wings like that on my wedding day. Haha. Photo by ivewatchedit.com.

Romantic and beautifully-made. A feel-good movie. Love all the gowns in this movie, too!

If I could have one Celeb Character as a roommate, it would Lara Croft.

Lara Croft. Photo by celebritysection.com.

I would ask her about her adventures and maybe, ask her to take me along with her! Haha.

If I could have one food to eat, it would be anything fried.

Pepper and Peppers' version of Bagnet.

This may sound really unhealthy, but I love anything fried.
My favorite? Mom's fried chicken and Manila Q's Bagwang.

If I could have one TV show to watch, it would be NCIS.

My favorite characters on TV! Photo by babble.com.

Witty and funny and interesting! I love this show. I've always loved police/forensics/detective tv shows
since I was a kid. I love solving mysteries. Karate shows come in close second! :D

This was fun! Thanks for the tag, Martine!

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2 left some love :

Patricia November 18, 2011 at 4:20 PM  

i love reading your meme!!! didn't know you were a fan of NCIS. and yes, ever after is such a lovely movie! i have a crush on the guy who played the prince. =)

Aileen November 18, 2011 at 9:24 PM  

Patricia said...
i love reading your meme!!! didn't know you were a fan of NCIS. and yes, ever after is such a lovely movie! i have a crush on the guy who played the prince. =)

. . . . .

Thanks, Pat! Had so much fun doing this. :) And yes, love NCIS! Dougray Scott is gorgeous! :)

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