11 January 2012

The Holidays.

Just a quick post about how my December break went. :)

My friends and I met up the day before I left Manila. I think it was also the same day my friend S arrived from Jakarta. We had dinner at Fely J's in GB5 and headed off to Seattle's Best for coffee and dessert. We exchanged gifts and stories and hugs and good wishes.

We all had pictures of our friend Riss that night. We teased her that she's a celebrity now. You see, she travels around the world and most times, she makes presentations and have high-level meetings (read: with justices, gov't officials, and if I remember it right, even with royalties). How incredibly awesome is that? We are mighty proud of her!

I met up with Pat and Mimi on the day I arrived in Cebu. From the airport, I went straight to Ayala. I could not NOT meet Pat because I haven't seen her for a looooong time! And I terribly miss her! I wish we had more time that day. It was also wonderful to see Mimi and meet Pat's equally beautiful sister, M. I was surrounded by amazing and beautiful girls that afternoon at Cafe Laguna. Thank you Pat and Mimi for your time and for the gifts! I love them!

Christmas Eve was wonderful. Although we missed my sister Azenith and her family, we had them on Skype. We had a good noche buena, exchanged gifts, and laughed a lot. We also had this family photo, a tradition, with Azenith's family on Skype.

I was also so happy to see the kids again. Clark and Anyo took turns sleeping beside me. Bo was her usual demure self. She's like an old person when she talks. Oh, they're all growing up so fast; sometimes, it makes me sad.

We four spent a lot of time together. It's wonderful to have people in your life who would rather spend time with you than somewhere else. This was taken during our pre-new year's lunch at Everything Yummy. We totally loved this place. Great, great food!

There were days that I did not bring my camera with me and only took pictures with my iPhone. Ah yes, since I got my iPhone, I've become quite lazy to bring my camera. Haha. From here on, photos are from the iPhone. *grin*

When this picture was taken, I actually brought my camera with me but I totally forgot to bring my memory cards! I wanted to kick myself in the butt! So I took pictures using my phone. This was taken during our annual family reunion. We're very few this year. Many families are already out of the country. This is our first family picture without my grandparents. Without them, Christmas will only be half as happy.

Every Christmas, we'd always let my nephews and niece sing or dance. Last Christmas was no exception! And since they're thousands of miles away, we let them sing through Skype!

I got terribly sick while in Cebu. I had a 40 degree-fever and a swollen lymph node on the neck. I almost looked like I had mumps. So my sister Binky and I made three trips to the hospital between Christmas and New Year. Funny though, in this picture, Binky looked like she's the one who was sick. Haha.

When I was feeling a bit better, I had quick coffee with my college friends. It's always so refreshing to be around them.

That same day, Mom, D and I went to pay our respects to the Mayor's mother who passed away. The mayor is a good friend of Mom and D. She also happens to be my friend Jaida's aunt. Small world. Jaida and I have been friends for a long time and no matter where life takes us, I know she and I will always be friends.

The day before I left Cebu, I got to meet J, Misty, and Jane. Good memories. We totally forgot to take pictures because we were so busy talking!

And then last weekend, I met up with my friends, this time with R and T. This is our first get-together for the year. Lovely. We had lunch at the posh Newport City Mall. I was very happy to see R and T again. I was inspired to see R, looking happy, despite the big C. His strength is, perhaps, the inspiration I need to start off this year with steadfast hope, faith, and gratitude.

I have amazing people in my life. I feel blessed. And loved.

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julai January 12, 2012 at 7:20 AM  

Ate Ai, super nice imong mga photos ug super happy mo. Ug sa dihang di ko katoo nga you were sick coz your photos are all amazing, as in di jud ka mailhan nga nasakit ky happy and red lips man ghapon.hehehe.

Aileen January 12, 2012 at 4:42 PM  

julai said...
Ate Ai, super nice imong mga photos ug super happy mo. Ug sa dihang di ko katoo nga you were sick coz your photos are all amazing, as in di jud ka mailhan nga nasakit ky happy and red lips man ghapon.hehehe.

. . . . .

Thanks, Jul! I truly was very happy to see a lot of people (despite me being sick) when I was in Cebu. Ah yes, the red lisptick did the trick! :D

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