02 May 2012

Happy Things.

Close to Paradise | Bantayan Island | ©2012

Just random things and thoughts that are making me happy these days --

Emails. Mostly from clients, readers, friends sending good thoughts my way.

. . . . .

Alexander Skarsgard. *grin* Okay, I admit, the only full length movie I've seen so far is Battleship since... uhm, Super 8? And yes, I think Alexander is gorgeous in Battleship.

. . . . .

Awesome reminders -- like swimsuit lines on my sunburned skin (from my Bantayan Island trip) that adventures await. Today, I got news that my visa for China is ready (thank you, E!). I'm excited to go back to Beijing!

. . . . .

Colbie Caillat's Brighter than the Sun because it makes me happy. It's on repeat the entire day. I know. I could be this, crazy. Haha. I also love Katherine McPhee's version of it.

. . . . .

Friends who share my dreams. And friends finally coming home. Yes, S is back!

. . . . .

A good book on easy, quiet weekends.

. . . . .

My Mom and my sisters who never fail to make me laugh. And I miss them.

. . . . .

YM, Skype, and iMessage -- my lifeline to family and friends who are away.

. . . . .

Summer, flowers, and ice cream.

. . . . .

And this:

An old flower photo of mine that made it to the Digital Photo Magazine UK, April 2012.
Big thank you to my UK-based friend Chelo who took pictures of the magazine.
And thanks to Flickr because Digital Photo found me there.

The fabulous Chelo left a comment to this picture on Facebook. She said:

"to me, you are the ultimate photographer."

And added:

"Ana and i were talking the other day who we think exudes "photography as passion" on their forehead.. and without any second thoughts, we both agreed it's you! ;-) commercial, non commercial, we know you LOVE it.. and it shows. ;-)"


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2 left some love :

julai May 10, 2012 at 12:53 AM  

Congrats Ate Ai for your feature in the UK Mag. I know more features are coming your way. Keep up the good work Ate and thanks for the inspiration. muahhhhhh. God bless.

Aileen May 10, 2012 at 8:12 PM  

I'm loving all these surprises from the universe! :) Thank you, Jul!

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