12 September 2012

This Kind of Love.

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There is nothing more heartwarming than being loved by children. They love you with the kind of love that's genuine and pure. And I am quite lucky to be surrounded by kids who love me dearly.

My nephews and nieces, for example, love to spend time with me. When Clark came over to Manila recently, he insisted he stays at least one night with me. And then there's Anyo who will be arriving tomorrow and also insisted he sleeps over at my house.

On the phone today, I told my sister that I might not be able to go home to Cebu for Bo's 7th birthday party. Bo, upon learning about it said: "Then I won't have a party na lang if she can't come home." How sweet is that?

And then there's Angela and Monica (E's nieces) who loves spending time with me and E. They're both such joy to be around. And I shall always treasure those weekends we share.

Today, I am Thankful for all the children who have shown me love in their own adorable little ways.
Today, I am thankful for all the children I know and love.

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