21 November 2012

Birthday x 3.

Binky & Leo | Cebu City | ©2012
Photo from their prenup shoot.

Today is a very special day. Three of my favorite people are celebrating their birthdays.

My sister Abbie turned 39. And I'm happy that she's in a good place right now. She finally found the love of her life, they bought a new house here in Manila, they opened a small business in Cebu, and the kids are doing very good in school.

My friends Harold and Sunny are celebrating their birthdays, too. Both brilliant and talented and grounded. And I wish these two more light and joy in their life.

Harold and I have been friends since college. I met Sunny through Multiply. They don't know each other until, by chance, they were in the exact same place (or event) in Chicago some years back. I can't remember now who said this, but one of them said to the other: "You are Aileen's friend, right?" It makes me smile everytime I remember this story.

I find that really amusing because it wasn't the first time my friends met each other this way. On my birthday party alone, some of my friends said to each other: "Oh, I know you from Aileen's pictures!"

I love it when my friends from different phase and time in my life meet and then become friends.

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