12 November 2012

Unboxing Happiness.

After a quiet dinner with CBB on my birthday, I was met with the sweetest surprise when I got home -- a package from Cebu!

I first found an envelope from Mel. Then a box from Everything Yummy!
I thought there was only one, but found another box while playing with the styro pellets.
Two boxes of Everything Yummy's ribs! How did I get this lucky?

Carefully and lovingly wrapped.
And I should mention, Everything Yummy has the yummiest sauce!

Happiness on a plate.
I ate these super delicious ribs breakfast, lunch, and dinner! And I never got tired of it.

Thank you, Mimi, for this incredible surprise! You made me very happy!

Mel and Hans also sent me this limited edition Everything Yummy keychain!
Thank you, Mel and Hans!

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