02 December 2012

Birthday Outfit.

So, I have decided to follow the bandwagon and do outfit posts. *cringe* This is not the start of fashion blogging for me. Because surely, I will not be standing infront of the camera to pose while wearing my half-boring clothes. I am well-aware of my limitations and yes, my hip size. :D And definitely, no K-Pop fashion here. I'm too old (and too boring) for that.

I never really considered myself stylish. I prefer comfort over style. And like most things, I am practical about my outfit picks. I'm a safe dresser (read: boring).

Anyway, I will be blogging about my outfits mostly to remember and perhaps, learn from my fashion faux pas. One day, when I'm 60 or 70 and would prefer teenage outfits and mini skirts, I could go back to these entries and get reminded that my boring outfit choices would be more appropriate.

Also, in the coming months, I will feature stylish people -- friends and strangers alike -- for inspiration.

Top: For Me | Wedge: Janeo | Black Denim: Marks and Spencer | Diamond Hoop Earrings
Bangle & Ring: Robinson's | Watch: Omega De Ville | Bag: Kate Spade Flicker Sophie

I wore all black on my birthday, save for the red shoes and red lipstick. It's true how black really makes you look smaller than you really are. Almost everyone in the party asked me if I lost weight.

Everything I wore that night was very comfortable. I particularly loved my M&S denims. It was perfect fit. I buy all my denims in M&S because that's the only place where I could find pants that perfectly fit my oversized hips. I used my KS Flicker Sophie that night because I had to bring many things for the party. But if I had to wear this outfit again, I'd probably pair this with a gray or red clutch.

No fish was harmed in making this black top.
My top looks like fish scales, no? :D

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julai December 6, 2012 at 11:39 PM  

You can surely be a fashion blogger if u want to ate ai.And I will always support you.:)

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