06 March 2013

With the Girls

The girls are growing up too fast. It makes me both happy and sad. Happy, because I would love to see them chase after their dreams and change the world. Sad, because one day, they might not want to hang out with me and E anymore. That's an entirely selfish reason, but I will really really miss them when that time comes.

But right now, I am happy that they like having me and E around. We had our little get-together last weekend at Caffe Puccini over at The Fort. The girls are growing to be more beautiful. I'm so proud of these two -- Angela won in their school's Astronomy Quiz Bee and our little Math genius Monica is going to the MTG Conference this summer.

The girls gave me presents! Thank you Angela and Monica! I so love the earrings and the necklace! They're so me! :) And they're perfect for summer! Can't wait to use them!

After our heavy merienda at Caffe Puccini, we went to Gourmandise Patisserie where I was told Angela would love me to be part of a milestone in her life. I was touched.

At Gourmandise, we had this mini cake and a salted caramel eclair. A sweet ending to that lovely afternoon with the girls.

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