20 May 2013

Dakak, Quickly

Dakak. Early morning.

Just as I promised my Mom and my nephews and niece, we went to Dakak on the second weekend of May. The kids have been looking forward to this trip since that day we told them about it. They were more thrilled when I showed them photos of the beach, the pools, and the magical Fantasyland.

I was also quite excited about the trip, mostly because the first time I visited Dakak, I wasn't really able to enjoy the place. I was there for work and I worked long hours. But more than anything, the intention of this trip was for Mommy to take some rest and for the kids to have a memorable summer.

And I was really happy that Mommy had a breathing time away from work and happier that the kids enjoyed a lot while I stressed myself out on the details of our stay in the resort. Hah.

Despite some loose ends about our resort reservations, it turned out to be an incredible vacation. The kids stayed in the water and under the sun until they were three shades darker and five times happier. We rested, talked, and laughed a lot.

The kids enjoyed the pool, but loved the beach more.

Mom rested and enjoyed Dakak's fresh air.

We also went to Gloria's Fantasyland.
Because children should have some magic in their life.

We watched Fantasyland's amazing show.

On our way to the port, we dropped by, so very quickly, Rizal Shrine.

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