15 June 2013


I have been sick for the last two weeks. My asthma is not letting up. I've just been home the entire time, focusing all my energy on getting well. Well, except last Sunday when I went to Renaissance Art Gallery for their 10th Anniversary Exhibit. Works of some of the most celebrated artists in the country are currently on display. My sister Dionne and her boyf Jimmy joined me (just in case I suddenly pass out). If you haven't seen the exhibit yet, it's at the 4/F of Megamall Bldg A. Go and be inspired. It opened last June 5 and will run until June 29.

While we are on the topic of art, do check out my blog entry about our visit to Pinto Art Callery where that photo (above) was taken. Such a beautiful place.

The universe has been throwing a lot of inspirations my way. And tomorrow, I am joining Passion Night 4! How exciting is it to have dinner with strangers? *currently doing cartwheels in my head* I will, for sure, blog about it come Sunday.

Happy weekend! And oh, my Dakak article is on today's CDN. Go, grab a copy. : )

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Liren June 18, 2013 at 3:19 AM  

Sending healthy vibes! Hope you feel better soon!

Aileen June 28, 2013 at 9:08 AM  

Liren said...
Sending healthy vibes! Hope you feel better soon!

. . . . .

Thank you, Liren! You are very sweet! : )

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