28 June 2013

Meeting a Legend

The first time I spoke with Jim Paredes was more than a decade ago when I called inviting him (and The APO) to perform in a concert organized by UNDP and Cisco (through an initiative called NetAid) to raise funds for anti-poverty projects. I'm not sure if he still remembers it. My own memory of that event is pretty hazy now. What I remember vividly though is that, when I called, he personally answered his phone.

It may sound funny that I recall something so trivial. But a celebrity who personally answers a call from a stranger is, WOW. I know a lot of people who refuse to talk directly to mere mortals just because they feel sikat. These people are not even half as famous as Jim Paredes. The world, I realize, is plagued with people who have a superstar complex. So meeting a celebrity whose feet are firmly rooted to the ground is quite refreshing.

A day before we left for Palawan for Passion Night 4, he called to give me details of the trip. "Jim Paredes called me!" I said aloud the moment he hung up. Even my bookshelf was impressed, I swear it smiled. I wanted to pinch myself. Jim Paredes called me. I felt like I was the coolest person on the planet. Haha.

I grew up singing (albeit not in tune) the songs of APO. Back in highschool, whenever we were asked to organize a song number, we picked, almost always APO's music. Their songs were, still are, relevant, meaningful, and beautiful. Their achievements and level of artistry and creativity definitely put them in The Legends category.

If someone back then told me that I'd meet Jim Paredes one day and that I'll have dinner and conversations with him, I wouldn't have believed them. What were the odds? But the universe loves surprising me, I know that enough now.

Like millions of APO fans, I have always admired Jim Paredes. He is very talented and his talents could only be described in superlatives. My admiration though has turned into deep respect after I got to spend time with him in Palawan. He has this certain quality that puts people at ease with him and then pulls them into this space of positivity. It is so easy to open up to him, as easy as listening to him tell his truth. I dare say, he's one of the few enlightened ones. I learned a lot from him (and from my fellow Passionistas) that weekend. I came back to Manila soul-enriched.

I also really admire how humble and how simple he is. It is inspiring, really. The entire time we were in Palawan, I never saw him act like a diva. He was always nice, real, and human. And the way he spoke about his wife and children -- oh, so heartwarming!

And these are the strangers I flew to Palawan with. This was taken right after dinner at La Terrasse. Everything about that night still lingers in my head, food included. This will be for another blog entry.

THANK YOU, Jim Paredes, for Passion Night 4. It was absolute privilege meeting you and Ditchay and Lui and Matt and Sandro and Sheng and Din and Mariel and JC and Zion and Cate and Kat and BV. I am forever grateful.

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konsuy June 28, 2013 at 9:22 AM  

relate kaayo ko ani, ai. =)

Jim June 28, 2013 at 11:58 AM  

You are most welcome. Thanks for being crazy and positive to be part of Passion Night 4. Loved your sharing. Lets all get together soon.

Jim Paredes

Aileen July 2, 2013 at 12:03 AM  

konsuy said...
relate kaayo ko ani, ai. =)

. . . . .

I know, Chi! I know! : )

Aileen July 2, 2013 at 12:05 AM  

Jim said...
You are most welcome. Thanks for being crazy and positive to be part of Passion Night 4. Loved your sharing. Lets all get together soon.

Jim Paredes

. . . . .

Thanks for being the original crazy one. You have inspired all of us. We learned a lot from you. Yes, let's get together soon!

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