27 July 2013

Perfect Saturday Morning

Jinky, Yana, and Taichi.

When Yana told me over at Facebook they were coming over to Manila and that they wanted to meet me, I immediately said yes. The first (and last) time I had a long conversation with them (over pasta and pizza), we had a laughfest. I knew that spending time with them again would be a blast. I was also very excited about meeting Taichi.

These girls are actually almost half my age and it's so good to be around them. I love their youthful energy and idealism. I  couldn't help but look at them with utter amazement. They're funny and smart and talented. I also love that they have big goals and dreams, and that they're making steps towards realizing them.

It was such a perfect morning. We had conversations. And laughter. And breakfast. I enjoyed every minute of it. I loved sharing my story with them. I loved listening to their stories, too. And I hope that we get to do this again.

They got me pasalubong from Cebu! I can't wait to use the sling bag! And well, I already consumed one pack of dried mangoes! Yum! Thank you, Yana, Jinky, and Taichi for giving me some piece of home.

They also gave me this pad of sticky notes which I absolutely adore! The design is so me! Love their little notes for me, too. How sweet is that?

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