19 July 2013

Where is Home?

My space is small. My life is big.
{Graham Hill}

I redecorated my little space in 2011.

. . . . .

I always say that Manila is my home now. But there's also Cebu, the place where I was born and raised. Each time I go to Cebu, I always find myself saying, "I'm home." But where really is home?

Pico Iyer, perhaps, was right when he said: "For more and more of us, home has really less to do with a piece of soil than, you could say, with a piece of soul." I am home where my family and friends are. And I have people I love deeply in Cebu and Manila. I have rich memories in both cities, too.

But Manila will always have a special place in my heart because it is home to me now. I am building a life here. Manila has given me opportunities to grow more of myself, to be the person I've always imagined myself to be. Iyer puts it so beautifully: "Home is not the just the place where you happen to be born. It's the place where you become yourself."

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