04 September 2013

Birthday | Mommy's 60th

Mom turned 60 last month. My siblings and I pooled our resources together and organized a party for her. It was supposed to be a surprise, but we figured, it would be better that she chooses who she invites to her party. After all, the intention was to make her happy and to make her 60th birthday celebration extra special. When we told her about our plan, she got so excited.

We let her pick the venue, choose her guests, and decide on her theme. "Bohemian," she said. So bohemian it was. We also hired a band (because she really wanted one) who entertained us with 60s and 70s music. We celebrated on the 24th, three days before her real birthday.

Mom looked absolutely radiant that Saturday night. She exuded happiness. She was surrounded by family and friends. Everyone made her feel very special. So much love and laughter and magic and hugs and little tears were exchanged that night.

We were also quite satisfied with our suppliers. They were all so wonderful. Everything was delivered on time. The hotel staff was incredibly helpful, too!

We are the kind of family who loves to DIY our parties.  Mom's party was no exception.

Here's sharing a few photos.

The centerpieces.
We collected bottles and decorated them. We bought flowers from carbon. We printed Mom's old pictures.

So we did pinks and peaches and whites.

At the entrance, we placed a table where they could get a hippie band,
and where they could write and leave messages for Mom.

Mom's cake and the buffet spread.

We started with a prayer led by my sister Abbie.
My nephew Joni was supposed to lead us, but his flight from CDO got cancelled.
So he and his Dad (my brother) had to fly to Manila from CDO and then fly to Cebu from Manila.
They arrived in the middle of the party and we were all so glad they made it.

Mom opened the party with a dance number with her office colleagues.

"Ah, freak out! Le freak, c'est chic! Freak out! Ah, freak out! Le freak, c'est chic! Freak out!"
Ah, love this song!

The kids danced, too!

Blowing her candles. I hope all her wishes will come true.

My sister Dionne hosted the party. DIY. :D

D also danced.

Mom's colleague and indie actor Vinjenr serenaded her.
See all those balloons? My body got so sore after putting them all up! :D

Some of Mom's friends. They go more than three decades!

These are D's UP best friends. I'm grateful to these girls (and to my Mom's officemates)
because they looked after my Mom at the hospital when my siblings and I were all here in Manila.

I finally met Kristal. She was one of D's staunchest defenders during PBB.
She's now a dear family friend.

We also had video presentations for Mom. My sister Azenith and her kids sang Thank You
by Tyler Collins. Jim and my friends sent in videos of their wishes & greetings.

My Mom is a very strong woman and is relentless in chasing after her dreams.
In his speech, my brother said: "The reason I decided to run for city council
was because I have an inspiration. It's my Mom."

Mom's highschool friends flew in from Iligan.

This is probably my favorite photo of the night. Haha.
He was just so happy to finally get a cupcake.

Mom and her eldest apo, Joni.

While we were having photo ops, a group of students from out of town
asked to have photos with D.

My friend Bambi came to Cebu just for the party. She flew back to Manila the following day.
And that's Jason on the other picture who has been the most helpful and wonderful! Grateful.

It was heartwarming that no one left the party before it ended. Everyone stayed till the end.
And yes, there was dancing and conversations and laughter and photo ops after the program.

CDN published Mom's birthday celebration the day after her real birthday.
Thank you Niza and CDN!

Happy birthday, Mommy!
Wishing you more healthy, happy years!
We will always celebrate you, your life, your legacy.
We love you.

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kookooforcocopuffs September 5, 2013 at 5:29 AM  

Happy birthday (belated), to the most beautiful and grooviest mommy, Mommy Dulce...

oh what a beautiful party.. wish i was there (eat some of the yummy food,hehe).. <3

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