14 November 2013


Endings are beginnings.
Sunset, Bambu Resort, Batangas.

. . . . .

Things change quickly. And sometimes,
those changes are so drastic, it could break you.

The earth shifted.
We lost our home during the earthquake.
Our walls shattered into pieces and with it, my heart,
exposing a deep well of constant heartache.
And tears.
I still do not know what to do,
how to start over.

And then the super typhoon came.

I haven't been sleeping well since.
Been worrying for my family in Cebu.
Been worrying for my Dad's sister who lives in Tacloban.
I've been browsing through whatever list I could find online
three to five times a day, for the past four days.
My sisters and I have been burning lines for news
and crying in between, finding comfort in each other's voice.

And then today, we got news they are alive and safe.
I cried again, this time, in utter relief.
And gratitude.
My cousin told me he had to walk three hours
just to go to the city to charge their cellphone.
And another three hours to go home.
That broke my heart.

They say, things always come in threes.

And they're right.

The shoe business is changing, too.
As rapidly as the winds of Yolanda.
And I am caught unprepared.

Really, there is only so much a heart can take.

I am closing this chapter.
And moving on from here.

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