18 November 2013

Last Week.

To borrow the wise words of Jona (a travel writer/blogger) --

"In time of desolation, seek the normal."

Had some semblance of normalcy a week ago
when I quietly celebrated my birthday with my friends.

Since losing our home during the recent earthquake that hit Bohol and Cebu,
going back to 'normal' is a challenge. But I'm tremendously grateful
for all the words of comfort and hope from everyone.

Grateful, too, to those who filled my FB wall and inbox with messages,
and to those who sent emails, called, texted, gave gifts, said a prayer or two for me.

Thank you, CBB, Tidoy, Angela, Monica, Edeena, Rissa, Shadie, Bambi, Joy, and Chris
for being family to me and for holding my heart gently in your hands.

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