01 April 2014

Pop Na Pop!

Last February, I got invited again by PopTalk, a lifestyle show, to be a reviewer for their Valentine episode. My third episode in Poptalk, if I remember it right. I'm really very shy and I prefer to be behind the camera. But I said yes to this invitation because I've worked with the PopTalk team before and they are such fun and fabulous people to work with. And Tonipet is such a gentleman and very down to earth, he makes shy non-celebrities like me feel comfortable.

During the shoot.
And that's the awesome PopTalk team.

We reviewed three hotels that day. They picked me up at 7 and the shoot ended at about 2am the next day. It surely is hard work to be on TV! The two other guests were Chuckie Dreyfus and his wife Aileen. I was thrilled to see them both -- Chuckie, because I used to watch him on TV; and Aileen, because I read her blog. We all had a blast and the episode turned out wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who watched it!

Days after that episode was aired, I received messages/emails from total strangers. Some just wanted to tell me they saw me on TV. Others wanted to become friends. I was both surprised and touched. Also, I found myself not knowing how to reply. Haha. But I did reply and I eventually gained new friends.

With the uber talented Tonipet.
We finally have a good picture together!

The next time PopTalk invites me, sana sa kainan. Haha.

Thank you PopTalk! More success to you!

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