07 May 2014

The Guy at the Market.

Last Sunday's shoot. The summer sandal Dionne is wearing will be available at OH, LOVE soon!

. . . . .

D and I met up last Sunday to have a quick shoot for OH, LOVE. While walking at the Sunday Market to the nearby park discussing the concept of the shoot, this good-looking guy, all of a sudden, came up to us, looked me and said: "Where were you when I was falling in-love?"

Romantic, isn't it? Except that both D and I were surprised and speechless (for a good 3 seconds; ok, maybe 5). I personally didn't know how to react because, even though lovely-bizarre things happen to me (haha), I don't experience anything close to romantic. Well, there was one time when a total stranger asked me to marry him, but it was bordering on creepy.

And because it would be totally strange to take him seriously, I replied: "That's a good pickup line ha!" The three of us burst into laughter. But I think he was half laughing and half embarrassed because he said something quickly to me (which I can't remember now), held my hand (as if to apologize), and walked away.

In hindsight, I should've asked him his name and introduced myself. But, ugh, I was too dazed I wasn't able to think straight. Haha.

But as soon as he left, my mind immediately shifted to the task at hand and forgot about him, until after the shoot. During lunch, D and I talked about how utterly amusing and sweet it was. A lot of my friends were as amused as I was when I shared the story on Facebook. My friend Ivy asked: "[So], where were you?" :)

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Anonymous May 30, 2014 at 4:29 AM  

Yeah, really Ai, where have you been hiding?

Aileen June 18, 2014 at 5:14 AM  

nagpanaoan.com said...
Yeah, really Ai, where have you been hiding?

. . . . .

Just here, Tita! Maybe, he didn't see me because he's been pursuing after the wrong women! Haha.

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