18 July 2014

Photo Editing Apps.

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As promised, I am sharing my favorite photo editing apps. I've downloaded and tried a lot since I joined Instagram. And I've also deleted a lot of them since finding the ones that I really like.

Some of you might be disappointed because VSCO is not on my list. I know it has a lot of following and I admit, it does have a lot of pretty tones and effects. But sadly, I don't like VSCO's navigation format. It's such a pain how, each time I open an image, I have to save it to VSCO's page and then click the image again when I want to edit/add tones. Too many unnecessary steps. I like my apps simple and straightforward.

I'm sharing editing apps and other apps I use when I post photos on Instagram. These are quite easy to use, navigate, and learn.

Snapseed. I use this for basic editing. Snapseed's basic editing features could also be found in other apps, but what I like most about this app is the Selective Adjust Button. This button allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation on selected parts of the photo. I find this app the most user-friendly than all the other apps I've tried.

Afterlight. This is what I use when I add tones to my image. Here, you can add tones, light leaks, texture, frames, and fonts. It also has basic editing features.

Landcam. I use this if I want quick and VSCO-like effects. Very easy to use.

Squaready. I love to resize my photos before posting, so I use this app. And if your photo is not in square format, this app takes care of that for you. This app is also equipped with basic editing tools. Thank you, Jopie, for introducing this to me.

Collage. If I want to post three or more photos in one square file, I use this app. Very user-friendly.

There are so many apps out there and sometimes, it could become so confusing. And this is why I have decided to stick to a few that works for me.

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edelweiza November 21, 2014 at 9:04 PM  

I use Snapseed, too! It's simple and straightforward, just the way I like it. For collage, I use Snap Collage naman. It has more picture slot options than the other collage apps I know. :)

Aileen November 30, 2014 at 3:21 AM  

Hi Edelweiza! Thanks for sharing! I should check out Snap Collage! : )

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