12 July 2014

Highschool Musings.

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One of my favorite people back in highschool, Edna, replied to a comment I left of a video she posted over at Facebook. She said (in part): "...hiluman na artist diay ka! I cannot forget, we always wanted you to join sa among mga escapades, pero, sa imong angel face, kami permi pasanginlan, lol!"

That she mentioned I was an artist made me remember how art was a big part of my highschool life. I remember decorating our floor's bulletin boards or making art for group work or being asked by my teachers to write notes on the blackboard. Yup, I was the blackboard writer. Haha. But the most memorable, I guess, was that I was always tasked to decorate the Cultural Center whenever we had programs or first friday Mass. That meant I'd be excused in class for a few hours each time, which made me very happy. I confess, back in highschool, I was a lousy student. I didn't want to study. All I wanted was to make art and spend time with the nuns in my parish. At 13, I wanted to enter the convent.

I spent the first two years of highschool in USC, an all-girls school (in fact, people call our school Girls' High). And even though I was a new student (finished elementary in a public school), my classmates made me feel accepted and loved. Sure, we had teenage issues and juvenile misunderstandings, but we were quite united. We always had each other's back. And we had immense loyalty towards each other.

My english teacher and adviser when I was a freshman, Mrs. Ragay, made a huge difference in my life. She was the first teacher who, I felt, trusted me a lot. When she learned I had a declamation piece, she'd let me stay every afternoon after class to train me. And because she was also my english teacher, she encouraged me to write for the school paper, which I did. I also learned from one of my teachers that Mrs. Ragay was telling everyone in the faculty what a good artist I was. In sophomore, my grades were still lousy (haha) but I was active in arts, dramatics, and continued to wish I could enter the convent.

When I moved to a new school in junior high (due to a family financial crisis), I learned that my USC classmates thought I entered the convent. *grin* I loved my new school, too (St. Nicholas, now called St. Mary's). There, I developed great love for Economics, photography, and musical plays. I also continued writing and joined the school paper (became the Associate Editor). In my senior year, I became the Student Council President.

Facebook has reconnected me with everyone from both schools. It's such a pleasant surprise that my USC classmates still remember me like I never left USC. They've all been really wonderful, welcoming me into the tribe -- they included me in the batch's page and invited me to the reunion (we are celebrating 25 years)! It's heartwarming how everyone has remained fun and nice and sweet.

Today, I am grateful for highschool and for all the friendships formed along the way.

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