23 July 2014

Just One.

Early Morning Walk | Jaipur, India | Nikon 1 | ©2014

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Humans of New York is my dose of inspiration everyday over at Facebook. People who leave comments there are very encouraging (save for a few assholes). Some incredible souls would even go as far as helping people they have not even met.

Yesterday, I saw this feature that really struck me. It's about a man who had an accident at work, lost his eyesight (on one eye) and everything he owned because the hospital sued him (I assume because he couldn't afford the hefty bill). He got sad and depressed (who wouldn't). Until one day, one of his friends offered him a job (an easy one, he said) and paid him $1,000. "He knew I wouldn't take charity, so this was his way of giving me charity-- overpaying me for a job," he said.

It was some sort of rebirth for him. After that, he started working again.

A girl named Yasmin left a comment on his picture. She said: "That's all it takes - one person to have faith in you."


That's all it takes. Just one person to have faith in you. Just one.

But if you have an entire tribe of people who love you, then you are very very lucky blessed.

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