16 July 2014

These Kids.

Problem by Ariana Grande (A Cover by Game4) | Alberta, Canada | ©2014 Game4

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I'm so proud of these kids. More than the fact that they can sing and play musical instruments, they are good, responsible people. I admire how much they respect and love their parents (and each other). They are smart kids, too. The three boys (aged 18 and 19) are off to college this year! How time flies. I remember how tiny the twins were when they were born.

These kids are also very sweet and thoughtful. Our video chats are always heartwarming and I often find myself teary-eyed at each goodbye.

I was told that they shoot and edit their own videos. Quite impressive considering they do not have formal training on video editing. This makes me doubly proud of them.

Hashtag stage aunt. :D

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