15 July 2014

This Poem.

Light | Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar | iPhone5S | ©2014

. . . . .

You with the cracks running through you,
I know you think you will never be whole enough
to fill the leaky holes of someone else’s heart.

You with the fractures in the places that teach you how to love,
the fissured kisses and the broken cart of wishes,

You with the sad blue of goodbyes hidden always behind your eyes.
You, releasing those constant yearning for the lost choices of
yesterday sighs,

You with the thunderstorm that you carry in the heart you’ve jammed close so hard,
all the words in all the world couldn’t pry it apart.

You with the overcast laugh. You with the fists that open only in your sleep
marked with lines that looks like irrigation tracks to a land
where you are clearly


Stop. Look at me. Breathe.

My lips are not cement and they cannot seal these wounds
but I am here, palms held open and I

love you.

{ Here is a Flower that Needs No Water by Pooja Nansi }

. . . . .

"I thought you would like this," my friend Patricia, ever thoughtful, wrote as she shared this poem to me over at Facebook. It is poignant and painfully beautiful. And I like that.

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