18 September 2014

Shared History.

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I think it is an incredible blessing to have siblings who share history with you. You could reminisce together and they help you remember things and point out if your facts are jumbled. They confirm the certainty and accuracy of the things you remember.

The last time I was in Cebu, my sister B and I spent a lot of time talking about our childhood experiences, the people we've met, and the difficulties we had to endure. We'd laugh at funny memories and tear up at the mention of painful ones.

But there are certain memories I could not remember. B, for instance, mentioned that our Tita L wanted to stab me with a knife one time when we were kids. No matter how many times I dive into my brain and look for that piece of memory, I couldn't find it. I thought my sister just had her own memory messed up, but that is highly unlikely. B remembers almost everything.

And then some weeks back, I had a chat with my Canada-based sister A and I mentioned to her about Tita L and her knife (haha). And yes, my sister A also vividly remembered the incident.

How strange is it that I couldn't remember that moment?

They say that maybe, forgetting is my brain's way of coping with the most painful experiences. And if that's true, then I'm glad and grateful I have siblings to remind me. Because really, sometimes, we need to be reminded of the painful things we've survived and managed to endure, so we'd realize how strong we've become.

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Anonymous October 8, 2014 at 3:54 AM  

We tend to relegate painful memories to the most inner recesses of our brain so that we tend to forget them or as what they would term selective memory. Am glad you could laugh at it now.

Anonymous October 8, 2014 at 10:30 AM  

Hi Ate Aileen. It's C, your Canada-based cousin. Your experience made me laugh since we are currently taking care of young inter-racial children (also Canadian children) here and believe it or not.. I can ACTUALLY relate a bit to Tita L! Well, on the contrary, I actually do not want to stab a child in the back. That has not crossed my mind because that would be too harsh... not to mention, that is a crime even just thinking about it. ;) I'll admit that there are other non-verbally abusive ways of showing frustration to children. They GOTTA learn and grow a little faster sometimes. :D Also, I'm glad you survived painful experiences so you can share them to the world... so we may be uplifted AND entertained at the same time! hehehe Love ya!

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