30 November 2014

Well and Grateful.

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I've been suffering from asthma the past two weeks, but I'm feeling better now. My friends urged me to go to the hospital but I decided to recuperate from home. Spending a week in the hospital last August was enough.

My friends tell me I am sickly. I didn't believe them until I realized that some people go on 3-5 years without getting sick. Some even do not get sick for decades. How do they do that? I always thought that getting the flu or an asthma attack twice a year was normal.

But there was nothing normal about that sudden infection I had last August. It scared me a lot, especially when the first three antibiotics did not work. The fourth one, which was insanely strong (and pricey), thankfully worked.

One of the realizations I had while in the hospital was this -- it is important to have a medical insurance to tide you through challenges like this. I have been with Maxicare for years and they have very good customer service. And it's such a bonus that Makati Med has an exclusive wing for Maxicare patients. And speaking of Makati Med, this hospital really has amazing service. They took care of me as if I was the only patient in the hospital. Their staff are the nicest.

CBB and my sister D were both constantly there for me. My friends visited me, too. Bambi came straight from the airport (she came in from SG), E drove from Ortigas, Joy and Chris came all the way from Manila. All of them endured the horrible traffic to be there. They visited again a few days before I went home and filled my room with food and laughter. My globe-trotting friend Rissa even spent an entire afternoon to watch after me. Anj and Imee also dropped by.

My favorite girls, Jen and Noreen also visited. It's always wonderful to talk to these two.

I also received a lot of get well soon messages from friends and strangers. One girl, Xee, who I haven't even met yet sent me a message: "Take care, the world needs you."

I feel very grateful that so many of them were praying for me. Above all, I am grateful to be surrounded by the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful people.

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