30 January 2015

Remembering This Positive Space

Pilgrims | Roxas Blvd., Manila | Canon 50D | ©2015

. . . . .

The journey getting to the grandstand was like a pilgrimage --
a long walk in the gentle rain,
the amazing kindness of strangers all throughout,
the sharing of random stories in between --
all of us just getting one foot in front of the other
as we walked towards the day's destination.

We were all pilgrims, one in hope and faith,
and everyone was in a happy mood. The joy was palpable.
The Mass was beyond beautiful,
the kind where you hang on to every word said or sung.

(words by Lucy Torres via IG)

. . . . .

Today is Day of National Mourning in my country. We lost 44 good men who were killed by rebels. The emotions are high these days. People are angry. I am angry. And this anger is fueled by so many ignorant statements. But I shall not dwell on that right now because it doesn't help any. Instead, I am posting this photo of pilgrims from the day the Pope had Mass in Luneta. Emotions were also high then, except that it was all positive and hopeful. Exact opposite of the vibe these days.

So, I am reminiscing and putting myself in that hopeful, positive space again while praying for justice.

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