18 March 2015

Why I Love Zalora

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Zalora has been my go-to online store when I need to get something quick. They have a lot of lovely brands, collections, sizes to choose from. And my oversized hips could fit into their clothes! Hurray!

They're fast and reliable. They have excellent customer service. And their return and exchange policy is wonderful!

They also have a lot of payment options. You can pay via credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. Or you can choose to pay upon delivery. They have not failed me yet and I hope they never will.

Zalora usually delivers the day after an order is placed (except Sundays, I just realized) within Metro Manila. And they've gone beyond my expectations this week when I ordered a gift for J's niece last Sunday. Since Sunday is not a workday, my order was going to be processed on Monday and will be delivered on Tuesday. I didn't know that when I placed the order last Sunday.

But I needed the items immediately that Monday, so I called them on monday morning and asked if it was possible for them to deliver the items within the day. The girl who answered my call said that she will try her best and that she will email me for an update, which she did. And true enough, the items arrived that afternoon. The invoice had a little note that said: "For special trip." Awesome, isn't it?

Check out Zalora! I'm pretty sure you'll find many beautiful things there. Don't forget to use this voucher code: ZBAPZAVM to get 15% discount!

Go, shop now!

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