15 July 2015

A Homecoming

You know that feeling when you are too happy, you don't know what to say? I have been in that space for the past weeks. My sister Azenith and her family were home from Canada and my heart expanded in utter joy. I cupped all the happiness I felt with my hands for weeks and I wasn't able to do anything else. Well, except, be happy.

I've been wanting to blog, to tell stories, to tell everyone how happy I was. But I felt no word could ever describe my joy.

My sister and her family left the country four years ago. Although we chat all the time over facetime or viber, I have not seen or held them for the past four years. Four years is too long not to be with the people you love. I swear I felt my heart leap the moment I saw them at the airport. The kids have grown. And they've grown so beautifully -- heart, body, soul. They're polite, smart, funny, respectful, open-minded, generous, kind. My sister has become lovelier, stronger, funnier. I'm really proud about the kind of people they've become.

We didn't really do much while they were in Cebu. We just did all the simple things we used to love. We had long conversations in bed. We hugged in between. We laughed a lot. We ate a lot, too. We made trips to carbon. The kids had gigs. But mostly, we were just home, spending precious time with each other.

My sister Binky's family also stayed with us the entire time Azenith's family was here. There were 15 people in our tiny house. Fifteen! Happy chaos. Best days.

And when Azenith and her family left, so many tears were shed.

I miss them. We all miss them. Everyday.

Quick shoot with the kids on their second day in Cebu. Look how much they've grown!

Aiana turned 16. She's such a sweet, sweet girl.
We celebrated with a simple lunch at Hukad. They miss pinoy food!

The kids got invited to sing in Maayong Buntag Kapamilya, ABS-CBN Cebu's morning show.

They also got invited to sing in SM Consolacion twice -- Back to School show and Father's Day show.
Of course, the entire family was there. Their friends also came to watch. It was heartwarming.

Oh, the joy of being together, wherever, whenever.

And because we were complete (plus my Dad's sister's family), we posed quickly for a photo.
Taken in Ayala, just after Aiana's birthday lunch.

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