15 January 2016

Christmas 2015

The time I spent in Cebu -- from Christmas to New Year -- was extra special. I got to spend time with a lot of people I have not seen in a long time. For instance, my friends who live in other parts of the world were home for a quick Christmas vacation. Such joyful reunions! Most of my time though was spent at home with my family. Living in Manila makes me miss my nephews and niece a lot. They're growing up too fast. Clark is taller than me now! So whenever I am in Cebu, I always make it a point to spend time with them, take them on dates, or cook them humba. Oh, everyone at home loves my humba. Clark calls it my specialty. *grin*

And yes, I ate a lot of humba during the holidays. No, I ate A LOT. Period. It's crazy how much weight I gained in just two weeks!

We spent Christmas eve and NY's eve at home, as we always do every year. We had food, laughter, and gifts! Lunch on Christmas Day was spent at my Mom's side of the family and we moved to my Dad's side of the family for dinner. So much love and food and laughter that day.

Posting here a few photos to help me remember --

This was taken on new year's eve. And that's my silly family. We always go out of the house to watch our neighbors' fireworks. There's a spot across our house that's overlooking the city. We also always stand there and watch all the colorful fireworks from the city light up the sky.

Silliness is in the genes. Haha. This is my sister Azenith's family. We miss them a lot! I hope, one day, they'd be able to come home for Christmas. At the moment, we're happy there's facetime and a summer homecoming.

These are my college school paper friends. Christmas is never complete without them. There's so much love and respect going around in this group. Such amazing people. This Christmas, we met up three times! We never run out of things to talk about!

She and I have been friends for over 27 years. We've somehow made a little tradition to meet up for Christmas, have a little lunch, exchange gifts, talk a lot. She's one of my favorite people to travel with. Sometimes I wish we lived in the same city, in the same neighborhood because she and I could talk about anything and everything.

My childhood good friends Jingle and Zarlynn were home, too! They're both based abroad and I have not seen them for about eight years! It was a quick meet up for me and Zar. But she told me the sweetest, most heartwarming OH LOVE story ever! I will blog about it one day. Jingle and I met up twice because we had eight years worth of stories to tell each other! So happy to see their brother Mark, too! He's an adult now (such a gentle one) and he used to be our baby! I feel so old. Haha. Had a quick lunch with Mimi. She's one of my good friends in Cebu. Haven't seen her for a long time (two years?), so I was really happy to see her.

I have known Kuya Dan and his family since I was sip-onon. Haha. Our friendship is as old as my friendship with Jingle -- over 25 years. Kuya Dan is like a brother to me. I love his family! He was my partner-in-crime. Funny guy and a really good human being. He now has a lovely wife and two adorable kids!

My dear friend Sharon came home from Paris with her family. We spent a few hours just catching up. She's always a joy to talk to. It was also a delight to see baby Julia. She's a little bit big now and my gosh, she walks fast and is incredibly curious!

My friends and I weren't able to have our annual Christmas dinner last December. We all got pretty busy after our Myanmar trip, we decided to delay our celebration a bit. We had dinner on the same day I arrived in Manila from Cebu. We had, like we always do, lots of conversations and laughter. We exchanged gifts, too!

My heart is full.

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