10 January 2016

New Year

Sunrise | Bagan, Myanmar | Fujifilm XA1 | ©2015

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Another year, another chapter has just begun. I feel like 2015 flew by so quickly. I've so much to be thankful for. Definitely, 2015 was far better than the last two years had been (at least for me). Saw and experienced too much heartache in 2013 (Bohol and Cebu earthquake + Yolanda). Lost our home that year, too. And then 2014 came. It was a year of healing, forgiving, and rebuilding. And this process is never easy, never quick.

2015 was definitely a better year for me. The year started with the Pope's visit which gave so many people hope and inspiration. Then, my sister Azenith and her family came home from Canada for a vacation. We have not seen them for four long years. We were all so happy to be together again! My year ended with a trip to Myanmar -- a dream come true for me. Amazing trip! In between these highlights, I continued on with my shoe business, fulfilled commitments/projects, spent time with family and friends, and went back to my first love -- art. I'm learning and re-learning watercolor and calligraphy. Handlettering is now a form of meditation for me.

Christmas and New Year celebrations were amazing! But that would be for another blog entry.

2016 is showing so much promise. I am hopeful (and I am claiming it), that this is a year of abundance, good health, and happiness. Another year to dream bigger, work harder, soar higher. Another year of mindful living. And hopefully, a year of more blog entries. *grin*

Happy new year!

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Anonymous January 26, 2016 at 5:08 PM  

Fujifilm XA1? - you've shifted?! hehehe...good luck to you this 2016!

Aileen January 29, 2016 at 8:28 AM  

Ray: Haha. It's a gift from my sister. The timing was perfect because I need a small camera I could carry around and could fit into my handbag. I will shift IF Fujifilm will send me one of their XT series. Hahaha.

Good luck to you, too, this 2016!

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