08 October 2016

Small Minds Talk About People

Little Boy Minding His Own Business | Old Bagan, Myanmar | ©2015

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Recently, I learned that there's this person who have been spreading hate and lies about me and my family. And she claims she's a Christian.

She told a friend of mine that her source, who claims to be our neighbor in Pasil, knows everything about my family. It made me laugh. That "neighbor" must be God. Haha. For the record -- we NEVER lived in Pasil. See, you can imagine how ridiculous and stupid the rest of her story is.

She also has gone to the extent of befriending people who are no longer my friends (because of something they did to me) and talks about me every chance she gets. (Sooner or later, for sure, she will also be badmouthing these people).

My friend Therese shared a poster that says: "Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, accepted by idiots." Oh, how true!

And then, my Paris-based friend Sharon (who I terribly miss) said: "Basin suya nimo, Ai."

I replied: "Suya (envy) is the only reason why people would libak other people. Real good and happy people DO NOT go around destroying other people."

And Sharon told me the most beautiful thing. She said: "Then you have a lot to be grateful for."

She's right.

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