02 October 2017

Travel | Bohol (Part 2)

Loboc River | 3 June 2017 | ©ABS

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It was my first Loboc River cruise. And I loved it! I was in awe of all the trees and mountains surrounding this river. If only they had smaller boats for smaller groups, the experience would’ve felt more tranquil, which this place really is. And it’s amazing how Bohol has maintained the cleanliness of this river. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to do this cruise during the colder months of January and February. Lunch was included in the cruise fee. And although the food wasn't so great, we did eat a lot because we were all starving! I'm glad we did this cruise because it provided us with some quiet time. It was a good break from all the walking we did that morning.

Loboc River and the old Loboc Church

After the cruise, we decided to walk to the old Loboc Church (or what was left of it after the 2013 7.2 magnitude earthquake). Just a few steps away, we also visited the new church structure while the original church is being rehabilitated. We lingered here a bit, took pictures before heading off to Alburquerque to visit Jane’s family friend, Fr. E.

Sta. Monica Church in Alburquerque

The Sta. Monica Church in Alburquerque was built in 1842 and is one of the old stone churches in the country. It is such a joy to see that this one survived the earthquake. And like most old churches in the island, both the interior and exterior of this church is breathtakingly beautiful.

The Sta. Monica Convent

Fr. E was still on a meeting when we arrived. So we decided to visit the church, check out all the charming little corners of the convent, and take loads of pictures. We finally met Fr. E after his meeting. He fed us with the yummiest merienda. We probably had the loudest laughter and the most animated conversation in the entire trip here in Alburquerque. While it was a quick visit, it was a very memorable one.

Anda, Bohol

Our last stop that day was Anda. We arrived just as the sun disappeared into the horizon. We had crazy plans about skinny dipping that night, but we were too tired, we decided to just spend it talking and laughing over seafood and pancit. The girls spent more time laughing and talking right after dinner (I could hear them from my hut), but I decided to rest early. I was still feeling really sick and the island’s heat and humidity seeped all the energy out of me.

I felt a whole lot better the next day. I walked out of my hut into a gorgeous sunny day. The crystal blue waters looked incredibly tempting but I decided against taking a dip. I spent a few minutes though soaking under the morning sun. I just quietly stood there by the beach, stared at the horizon, listened to the sound of the waves. I breathed deeply and slowly, savoring every bit of fresh air I could. It felt good and healing.

I got back to the resort to find the girls chatting and laughing (as always) while waiting for breakfast. I am glad I took a picture of this moment. This is the only photo I have of our laughfests.

We left Anda wishing we could stay a bit longer. But we couldn’t. We headed off to Tagbilaran that morning, dropping by Baclayon Church quickly. But that would be for another blog entry.

(Part 3 soon)

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jewey October 3, 2017 at 1:23 AM  

that is such a beautiful church!!! i've never been to alburquerque, or however you spell it. lol. i heard a lot of good things about anda too. i asked my dad, who's from bohol, to take us there but he wasn't as keen. said there wasn't really much to it.

but, omg, the next time i go back, i'll definitely keep alburquerque, or however you spell it, in mind.(why do they have to spell it so hard? hahaha.) because i'm a sucker for old churches. i nerd out on that shit big time.

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